About Us

Who we are

We export specialty single origin coffee.

We believe extraordinary coffee thrives on strong collaborations across the production chain, ensuring traceability, quality, and accountability at every step.

Ignacio Brito​

Founder & CEO & Logistics Manager

Ignacio founded AgroGesta BRIPO, a company that is all about bringing qualified green coffee beans to coffee enthusiasts around the world. He is in charge essentially on putting Ecuador on the map when it comes to coffee. As CEO and Logistics Manager he oversees acquiring the best green beans of his home country, Ecuador. Ignacio’s job is to bring coffee roasters a savour of what Ecuador best offers. And reshape a sustainable supply chain whereas farmers and roasters can join in direct and fair procurement. With a background of being from a traditional coffee producing family in the province of Manabí (seaside of Ecuador), Ignacio passion for coffee remains intact.



Maria is the main women at origin, with her skills and active administration with our suppliers we remain well connected every hour, she carefully prepares our stock samples and visit almost weekly the plantations. Her favourite part of the coffee is the caffeine boost she enjoys for productive working day, that’s what she calls a big fresh cup of filtered coffee.

Kinga Stępień​

Administrative Consultant

From the very beginning Kinga was crucial for AgroGesta BRIPO development, her passion for travelling and good coffee convinced her to visit Ecuador, where she travelled throughout the highlands in several coffee producing regions. She visited the coffee plantations for the first time and drank the freshest cup of coffee of her life, quite an experience. She is all about numbers and possibilities. As a proud CFO she takes care of the company’s financial stability and guarantee a solid B2B customer handling. Kinga has a sharp palate for coffee and organization, but overall, a true coffee enthusiasm.

Gabriela Brito​

Legal Consultant

Gabriela is our legal representative partner she helps us guarantee transparency and balance along the supply chain and all the compliance within the coffee trade, Gabriela’s passion for coffee started from her grandfather which was a coffee producer in the province of Manabi, Ecuador. Her favourite coffee comes from Manabi (a strange coincidence) and she loves to enjoy a double espresso plain and fresh.

Wendy Riofrío​

Manager Consultant

Wendy is our manager consultant representative at origin and our networking wizard, she knows every corner of Ecuador. As a proud independent woman, she knows the true potential of Ecuador. Helping and supporting Ecuadorian local talents on the coffee sector, with a keen vision and lots of effort our team next to Wendy successfully manages to support +2000 local Ecuadorian families that live from the green coffee.​

Andrés Flor​


Andy is our IT and digital expert, with his help we can show the world our coffees as well as our lovely country Ecuador on the internet. As a pioneer on the digitals, he posts every day in our social media our stock. He enjoys coffee as the rest of our team, matter fact he prefers a fresh cappuccino every morning.