How We Work

Partnering with Us

1. Cup your Coffee

Most of our coffees undergo continuous testing in our labs to ensure your satisfaction. We can provide samples for you to test personally or through our facilities before placing an order.

2. Request a Free Sample

Request FREE samples from the current coffee harvest or reserve samples for the upcoming harvest.

3. Order Coffee

Once you select your preferred coffee, you can reserve your order for 12 working days. Afterward, we will send you a quote and a contract. Upon signing the contract and paying the invoice, your order will be confirmed. From that point on, we take care of everything for you.

4. How your coffee is transported

We provide various delivery options, including road, sea, and air transport, along with expedited combined shipping to certain destinations. We can ship at any time using shared consolidated cargo or independent containers. For special requests, our logistics team is ready to assist you, so feel free to reach out.

5. How we deliver coffee to you

We deliver directly to the customer's door or any other agreed-upon location.

How to Make an Order​

6 Simple Steps

1 - Choose the Coffee:

Send us your request to or any source of contact you prefer.

2 - Sample your coffee:

We will provide you with coffee samples of your preference upon request. Most of our coffees were tested by our QC team at origin you can request them as references as well. The PSS (Pre-shipment Sample) we will ship it for double verification, you can test the PSS through us or personally.

3 - Contract and Quote:

After we receive your request, we will send you the quote and the contract.

4 - Order Confirmation:

Upon the signature of the contract and the reservation payment of the coffee. We handle everything for you.

5 - Coffee Preparation:

Your coffee will be prepared at the plantations if you forward buy it or at our warehouse in Hamburg if you buy from spot.

6 - Ready for Export:

Your order is exporter by us for you and ready to be dispatch from our warehouse in Quito, Ecuador

You can request green coffee beans samples via our website or via emailing at Please include the following information:

-Company’s name 

-NIP/TIN (Tax identification number)

-Address (For sample delivery) 

Forward buying: Specialty Coffee: 1 MT (Metric Ton), Non-specialty Coffee: 4 MT (Metric Ton). 

The recommended quantities are no obliged but we can ensure good transport rates on your behalf.

Remember the bigger the order the better the transport rates.

Coffee can be reserved prior any payment for 12 days. We will send you the contract and the quotation beforehand, after a 50% reservation payment is needed to confirm the order upon an agreed price. The remaining balance is invoice upon coffee arrival at our warehouse in origin + scanned documents are handed.

Classic lots come in a 69 KG net + Juta Bags (Logo of the buyer upon request), ultra rare lots come in 30 kg net + Juta Bags (Logo of the buyer upon request).

Listed prices exclude delivery costs. We will send you an updated and convenient transport rate upon the preferred Buyer’s Incoterm. We provide suitable transport costs to your needs and secure favorable rates transport that suits you best.

Altho our main currencies are USD & EUR, we work with any currency requested free to contact us if there is any specific request from your behalf.